Zero padding in bash

Hi folks,

I have been asked how to do zero padding in bash … as C language does it with printf, Bash also offers a printf command that has almost the same syntax as the one in the C language…

printf is used to format the display of some text.

If you need to use a zero padding in Bash, you can use as followed:

~# printf "%03d\n" 15

This will watch the number (5 in this example) and calculate how many zero need to be added at the beginning so that we have 3 numeric characters displayed.

Another example would be:

~# printf "%03d\n" 1232

The %d specifies that we want to display a number, then between the percent and the letter d, we can specify the format in which the number will be displayed. Here we force the display to print out 3 numeric characters minimum.

  • If the number we specify has less than 3 numeric characters, zeros will be added at the beginning of it so that is displays 3 numeric characters.
  • If the number we specify has 3 numeric characters or more, printf will just print the number.

Hope this could help ;)